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The motto of the ACF is “Moving towards Perfection” (Matthew 5:48)


  1. To propagate the gospel of Christ within the context of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in pursuance of the Church’s doctrine.
  2. To train and develop every member of the Fellowship in the true doctrines of Christianity within the Church of Nigeria’s adoption of the Doctrines.
  3. To organize outreach programs, Conventions, Leadership Seminars/Meetings, Lectures/Workshops. Evangelical and Prayer missions at all levels or at any level of the Fellowship structure.
  4. To teach, lead, foster and engender the spirit of love, holiness, unity and distinction among its members in their individual lives and corporate service to the Church.
  5. To organize programs for talent hunts and skill acquisition among its members.
  6. To train and develop individual members to devote their time, resources and talents to the services of the Church at all levels and to make themselves useful not only to the Church but also to the communities where they live and work; so as to be distinguished as an Anglican in the service of Christ, the Perfect Master.
  7. To take active participation in the Church’s administration; aspire to leadership positions in the Church through dedicated and honest service and to recognize all lawfully and duly constituted authorities of the Church.

For more information, please contact the president, Mr. Joshua Elemide at (240) 478-1923 or email:

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