Fountain of Hope International -2, USA

Fountain of Hope International

Welcome to The Fountain of Hope International (FOHI-2, USA ) Society page  at All Saints Anglican Church, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA.

This is an organization which is a part of the registered Chapters of Fountain of Hope Societies of various denominations throughout Nigeria and the world at large.
The Fountain of Hope Society ( FOHI-2, USA ), at All Saints Anglican Church, is the second registered Chapter in the USA and Canada.

FOHI-2, USA was inaugurated on June 7th, Year 2009 with initial nine (9) members and a Chaplain. Membership constitutes male and female over the age of 25years since inception and the Society has continued to grow.

The goal of the Society is to promote Christianity; by spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the community we live in and all a sundry. Our motto is ‘’Christ is our Corner Stone”

FOHI-2 Society, USA, has witnessed and has been a part of the remarkable achievements in the structural development of All Saints Anglican Church, Hyattsville, Maryland , USA. The society has also contributed to various programs in the Church in many ways and will continue to  give this  strong support.

Brother Lekan Awojoodu June, 2009 President
Brother Sam Jobi June, 2009 Vice President
Brother Sam Jobi June, 2012 President
Sister Sola Sobo June, 2012 Vice President
Brother O.AkinkugbeOctober, 2012Acting President
Brother O.AkinkugbeNovember, 2012President
Sister Rukky Williams June, 2017Vice President
June, 2017President
Siter Remi UkwuJune, 2017Vice President
FOHI-2, USA Past Presidents are:

Dame Dorcas Imasuen has been the Chaplain of the Society since  it’s  inception. Otunba Prince  (Dr.) S. A .J Ibikunle and Professor Bolaji  Aluko are the Patrons while  Lady  Philomena Imohe is the Patroness of the Society. The Society members have increased tremendously; three of whom are Lay-ministers and one Ordinand.

For more information on how to become a member of this noble society, contact the church office  @ 301-486-9120 or FOHI-2,USA General Secretary @ 240-289-3808