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We, like-minded Christian brothers of All Saints Anglican Church, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA have organized ourselves into a group commonly known as the “Men’s Fellowship” fully aware of our responsibilities as Christians desiring to promote the interests of our members, desiring to trust and enjoy the fellowship of one another, committed and guided by a deep sense of justice and honesty, individually committed to excellence and justice in performance and collectively dedicated to promoting the unity, progress and strength of our Church and our members.


To promote good membership relations, through programs and projects fostering cohesiveness and solidarity, and encourage members to be ethical and law abiding good Christian values at all times.

To promote membership services such as employment opportunities, moral or material supports, achievement recognition, etc.

To foster progress and promote love, unity, understanding, Christian fellowship among its members, other societies in the Church of All saints Anglican Church, Hyattsville, Maryland, and all other Christian Associations.

To foster the progress of the Church, promote love, mutual help and understanding among its members.

Cooperate with any organization or individual in matters relating to All saints Anglican Church.


Membership is open to all men of All Saints Anglican Church, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA provided that such person is of good behavior.

An eligible man becomes a member after the full payment of his annual dues and levies and subscribes to the Men’s Fellowship Constitution.

A member is deemed an active member after he has fulfilled his financial and social obligations, and continues to meet other functions towards the organization’s progress and productivity.

For more information, please contact the president, Mr. Joshua Elemide at (240) 478-1923 or email: