Orphans Community Network

Orphans Community Network (OCN), a non profit established in Nigeria, was founded in 2017 in order to improve the lives of orphans in Nigeria by supporting orphanage leaders and helping them increase their impact in their community.

OCN feels that the best way to support orphanage leaders is to serve their immediate needs as well as find solutions that will help orphanages and their leaders become sustainable. OCN’s board of directors is comprised of Nigerians and Americans who live in both the United States and Nigeria who each bring a different experience and skill set to the organization. These experiences include business owners, doctors, MBAs, and teachers.

OCN’s plan is to:

  • Find prayer partners
    • Partners that want to learn about our work in Nigeria and pray for God’s favor
  • Find financial partners to support orphanages (food, water, shelter, clothing)
  • Provide consulting focused on:
    • leadership team development
    • project management
    • fundraising
    • strategic planning
    • mobilizing communities
  • Provide accountability to meet appropriate standards
    • i.e. educational, recreational, cleanliness etc.

Our hope is that we can use our skills to work closely with orphanage leaders so that they can
impact orphans and others within their community.

For more information on how you can become involved with our mission please contact:

  • Mr. Adebisi Adewunmi @ badewunmi@gmail.com
  • Mrs. Dupe Adewunmi @ dtwograce@gmail.com
  • Mr. Cameron LaFleur @ cameron.lafleur@gmail.com

Please donate financially here: