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Anglican Trinity Youth Movement (ATYM)


All Saints Anglican Church Youth Fellowship is arm of the Anglican Dioceses of the Trinity’s Anglican Trinity Youth Movement. The Youths gather to engage in the activities of the church, and to also learn to be well versed in the word of God. The youths are expected to be a generation that will go ahead and preach the gospel to others, promote and foster the growth of the Church of God. This fellowship meets every Tuesday on the prayer line and Sunday in the Upper Level of the Church.


  1. To promote and propagate Christianity in youths by teaching them the gospel.
  2. To Reinforce youths in the knowledge of the word of God and fear in his word.
  3. To Educate youths on the importance of the word of God.
  4. To encourage youths to preach the word of God and draw more to his kingdom.
  5. 5. To train and develop youths to devote their time and resources to the Church of God in order to make them useful for not only the Church, but for also the society they live in.
  6. 6. To serve as a gathering to advice youths in order to make the right decisions and serve as a comfort group for youths who are in various unknown circumstances.
  7. 7. To promote and foster the Church of God.

The Youth Fellowship meets every Tuesday on the prayer line 301-284-8052. For more information, please contact 832-677-3111 or 240-425-3848 email: or

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