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The Guild of Stewards is a service arm of the church charged, primarily, with the responsibility of maintaining orderliness at Church services and functions.  Guild members are the first contact with the parishioners and visitors during services and Church functions.

Membership into the guild is open to any willing financial male or female member of the Church, baptized and confirmed (communicant), above 18 years and not belonging to any secret cult or secret society.

The Chairman (People’s Warden) assisted by his Vice, (the Vicar’s Warden) manage the Guild of Stewards.

We thank all members of the congregation, who continue to cooperate and show understanding, in the discharge of our duties. We appeal to parents and guardians to always ensure that their children and wards are sent to Sunday School classes where they stand to benefit.

We invite all interested church members to join us in the Lord’s service, enjoy our fellowship and be blessed as a result.

For more information, please contact the Coordinator, Mr. Sesan Omomo at (240) 899-0981 or email:

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